January 11, 2000

To whom it may concern:

Subject: Emissions Related to the Operation of Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining

This memorandum outlines the position of the Surface Mining Association for Research and Technology (SMART) with respect to emissions related to the operation of mobile equipment in surface mining applications. SMART is a non-profit organization set up to promote research and collaboration among member companies.

SMART members have commissioned and funded a study on surface mining diesel emissions. This document entitled Diesel Emissions Evaluation for the Surface Mining Industry is available from SMART members as well as on the SMART web site (http://www.smartmines.com). The following quote is from this study;

"The surface mining industry has done a good job over the years in using energy wisely. The operating cost savings when moving to larger, more productive equipment produce the added benefits of reduced fuel consumption and fewer diesel emissions on a unit moved basis. Fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions have been reduced nearly 30% on a per horsepower basis over the last 30 years in a totally unregulated market. The marketplace drove the manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient and reliable diesel engines to power larger more productive equipment. With efficiency comes reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions…"

Based on this study the member companies of SMART have endorsed the following position on emissions related to the operation of diesel engines at surface mining operations.

SMART endorses an approach that would see the mining industry use the latest technology available when purchasing new equipment. SMART will work through engine manufactures to encourage development of engines that meet regulatory emission goals. For existing equipment, SMART organization members will operate and maintain their equipment as per the manufacturers design and will undertake upgrades if appropriate.

Individual mine operating companies will not lead engine developments, as engine development is not their core business. Engine development is part of the core business of engine manufacturers. SMART, as an industry-working group will work with engine manufacturers to develop superior engines with higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and a lower cost for material moved. SMART members have extensively supported and continue to support testing programs at mine properties on behalf of industry. This approach will ensure continued reductions in diesel emissions, while enabling industry and engine manufacturers to focus on their individual responsibilities and expertise.



Gerry Krause, Chairperson of SMART

cc SMART members